14 April 2008

To Remember...

It's almost here! The George Washington University's annual Filipino culture show entitled "Tandaan ("To Remember") VIII" will be held this Saturday, April 19! If you're anywhere even remotely driving distance, you have to come! This show promises to be a feast for the eyes (costumes! skits! dancing!) and tummy (food, food and more food!). I myself performed for three out of my four years of college at the culture show in my day but back then was nothing like what they're going to stage this Saturday. I can't even begin to describe the hard work and coordination it takes to put on something like this, from the choreography to the staging to the managing of the whole event.

For the rest of the week, I will be highlighting the different dances that will be featured at the show. There will be the more famous ones (Singkil) and some obscure ones (Kini-Kini), and one of the most complicated and athletic Tiniklings this side of the Mississippi. It's a dance only 19-year olds with strong ankles and fit lungs can perform. I got a preview last night during rehearsal (which lasted until midnight!) and it exhausted me just watching it. If they let me, I promise to post parts of the show next week.

Tickets are available in advance ($10 at pcsculturalshow@gmail.com) or at the door ($12). Hope you local folks can make it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kalay! We're a little too far away, so I'll have to wait for the videos you'll be posting (I hope). Looking forward to the upcoming highlights.