15 April 2008

Balance Beam, Anyone?

Last week, my kids' school had its first International Day. People who know me know I'm a big bit of a ham and so not only did I declare to DH that we simply must participate, but I also insisted that we do something splashy and dazzling, something that would (a) make the kids' jaws drop, and (b) be something interactive, where we could invite the kids to participate.

What better activity to do this than a folk dance? So I gathered up the bamboo, did some simple choreography, and insisted to DH that we perform the TInikling. As I expected, despite the very short routine and the simplicity of the choreography, the kids were suitably impressed. Okay, so they're in preschool and would be impressed by a lightning bug. But it was great fun and livened up the otherwise boring Asia Room. All eyes were glued to my feet, and when it was time for them to take a turn with the bamboo, we had a nice crowd going.

You can see a short clip of my performance here. After the show, one of the teachers came up to me and asked if DH and I were going to do it again next year. I scratched my head and thought, nah. That would be boring for the kids who already saw it. I thought to myself, what else would be fun and death-defying to watch?

Then I thought of this:

The famous "Sayaw sa Bangko" or Bench Dance. Fun! Just like dancing on a balance beam. This is also one of the dances that will be performed by the George Washington University's Philippine Cultural Society this weekend. Anyone of you ever dance this one?

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