11 April 2008

Join me?

Some of you have already done this before and might even be on a team this year as well. This is my first Relay for Life and what an energizing and postive experience it has been so far! As a daughter, granddaughter and physician, cancer has touched my life in so many ways. The Relay is a fun chance to join people around the world in celebrating those who have survived cancer, remembering the people we've lost, and supporting the lifesaving mission of the American Cancer Society. We are not alone.

If you would like to make a donation, you can visit my Relay For Life webpage. You are helping deliver the hope that future generations will not have to endure cancer threatening the lives of their friends and family. You have the power to fight back against a disease that affects millions.

In general, Filipinos have lower rates of screening and consequently, a higher rate of death from preventable cancers compared to other groups. so, halika na! Get your check ups and join the fight!

We’ve even had a couple moms share touching stories about losing their parents which I hope mobilizes you to get yourself and your family screened for the “preventable” cancers. Because of their prevalence, we know that breast cancer and colon cancer have touched most people’s lives, my family included. Unfortunately, our community is known among health care providers for waiting until the late stages to come in for check ups. Let’s prove that stereotype to be wrong!

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Superha said...

you are so inspiring the way you try to make a difference in the lives of others. i'll join you!!! :)