02 April 2008

My mom's song

Hey everyone! Boy, it's been a long time for me. Sorry about that.

I just got this email from my mom and I want to share it with you. She's always been so poetic and sometimes a bit soap opera dramatic. But she's my mom. So even though I might be rolling my eyes, I'm still very proud to share her thoughts about hearing her own dialect. She originally posted it on her high school message board where alumni hang out all day chismissing with each other. Recently, someone posted a comment in visaya and my mom was inspired to write this:


this what I have writen so far......


Bisag asa ka pang parti sa kalibutan
kon duna kay madungog nga nagsulti sa imong sinultihan
murag musika sa imong mga dunggan.

Murag ang langit ni pahiyom,
ug ang mga buwak namukadkad
ingon sa mga langgam na naglumba ug pag kanta
sa mga awiton nga imong gipanghandom.


No matter what part in the world you are
And when you hear someone speaks your language
It feels like music to my ears

As if heaven is smiling at me
with beautiful flowers in bloom around me
Birds singing the songs you have been longing to hear....



Superha said...

your mom is so cute!

mom2amara said...

How eloquent! I can only imagine what was posted to inspire her in such a way!