12 July 2007

Born from the water

I wanted to tell you all about a place, one of which I was born called Niagara Falls. To see the falls is something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. Actually most people say that you have to see the spectacular sight on the canadian side but me of course as being a native New Yorker feel that its beautiful on both sides. Of course I am biased its my home, wouldn't you be too. Anyway go and see Niagara Falls, Ny and while there go across the bridge so you can see two for the price of one. Also my son Michael says that his mommy was born "born from the water" ever since he was little and we all chuckle at this .

Please see the link below to the story which was printed in the Chicago Tribune's online edition



SugarMama said...

Mandytrue -- that was a great article on Niagara Falls. Thanks for the link. It seems like you grew up in such a beautiful place.

Mandytrue said...

I thank you very much for that sweet comment sugermama and I hope that someday you can visit our fair city of Niagara Falls.