09 July 2007

What are your shoes screaming to the world?

Shoes – my love affair with them began at a very young age. Being Filipina American, maybe it is the Imelda Marcos in me or maybe the Carrie Bradshaw? What I do know is that it is nothing short of an obsession.
There are countless books chronicling this love affair. For example, Meghan Cleary writes in her book, The Perfect Fit, that shoes says more to the world about your “inner sole” than you'd think.

I looked fondly at part of my shoe collection and wonder what my a few of my favorite pairs are telling the world: High Heels In a previous life, I raised money for local non profits, I wore suits and dresses, which begged for cute, yet practical heels. On a non-profit salary, my closet isn’t filled with Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos, but every girl has a few pairs that make her feel powerful. Mine are black and white Paolo sling backs, they match almost everything I have in my closet, so are dubbed my “grown up shoes”.

Brookes running shoes I trained for the Nike Women’s Marathon last year with Team in Training and lived in these shoes for months. I loved them so much, I’ve since purchased 3 pairs. They are great for running with my son's soccer team and after my kids, in general.

Flip flops My beloved tsinelas, I have 8 pairs in all sorts of colors and styles – ranging from the basic Old Navy $3.00 version to rhinestone studded to my brown Pumas. As a new WAHM (work at home mom), this has become part of my new uniform.

Cheetah print ballet slippers When I need to look a little more pulled together than flip flops, how can you go wrong with a little animal print? My four year old daughter helped to pick these out and next to her Cinderella princess slipper, these are the "most" beautiful shoes in the world according to her.

Keen’s Newport Sandals – These fantastic sandals are all purpose water shoes for camping, going to a soccer game and pizza out with the family. Except for the fact that you can get one funky tan line, these shoes are perfect.

My shoe collection is swiftly evolving from stiletto heels and cute office wedges to a new WAHM wardrobe hoping to convey to the world I’m hip, yet comfortable. Are there moments that I yearn to where the stilettos instead of the Puma flip flops? Heck Yeah! But I am finding that wearing my Keen sandals to the beach with the kids instead of my wedges to another pointless meeting is certainly making my transition into WAHM status much easier!

What are your shoes saying about you?


samokdaddy said...

Shoes...shoes...shoes...shoes...I hope you and my wife never meet in a shopping mall. It might be really, really, really scary.

SugarMama said...

Oh don't even get me started with shoes. I'm unfortunately one of those "One Season" only users. I came from the fashion industry in my past life and so can you blame me that I cannot wear last year's summer shoes? Which reminds me -- time to shop for fall and winter.