08 January 2008

please pass the salonpas...

first and foremost - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i hope that the holidays were peaceful, joyous, memorable and healthy for everyone! :)

it was quite a medicinal rollercoaster over here at casita 'zilla. starting at the end of october, one (or all) of us was battling some random sadistic germ/virus/plague. we must have been broken some world laundering record considering all the bedsheets and clothes that were soiled and washed. finally by mid-december, we were all on the road to recovery (just in time, to battle all the fancy new germs that will sneak home in the pockets of the paloma's warm winter coat).

in my feverish daydreams, i realized that whenever i get sick, i feel an increment more frail, more fragile... and ever increasingly old. although, i was feeling festive and sprightly by the time our family christmas party rolled around, a handful of things reminded me that i really am getting older. and sooner or later, somebody's going to mistake me for a lola before i am one:

1) "alternative" medicine

i REALLY hate going to the doctor. sometimes when i get really sick, i think about my lola caring for me and some of her warped medicine chest wisdom. at one point, i was so sick and depressed about being sick, i was ready to surrender myself to a bodywrap mix of tiger balm, vicks vaporub and salonpas while drinking a wicked cocktail of kalamansi juice, raw eggs and salabat tea with an hourly chaser/gargle of salt water.... i was gearing myself up to watch soap operas all day long while burning random rocks and herbs in a pie pan underneath my chair if it meant i was going to get well.

2) the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be...

i've been going gray since high school. i actually like going gray. my hair isn't salt and pepper by any stretch. but in a stiff breeze, my hair shows off it's salty layers. the only times i've ever dyed my hair (dk brown/blk) have been for special occassions like my sister's wedding in manila this time, last year. my mom and my aunties occassionally complain about my gray hair which really doesn't bother me either. i know it's because they want someone like me, who was born facially disfigured, to "blend" into my surroundings. and (i assume) because my 30 something year old hair is grayer than their own, they look as if they're revealing their own insecurities.

but then, my hairstylist, who i've been loyal to for years now asked me at my last appt if i was getting my hair colored. i immediately said "no" and "why?" with a nervous laugh. i saw her eyes flash a little and she said, "don't misunderstand me. i didn't mean that you NEED to get your hair colored, i just meant that if you wanted to, i needed to set aside more time".

and for some reason, i was really conflicted and still am, about coloring my hair. i'm left wondering if maybe i should start stockpiling some bigen hair dye for the future too...

3) but where are the shoulder pads?

in addition to the gifts of books i gave my much younger cousins for christmas, i also gave them all my back issues of giant robot and audrey magazines. i also had a small bag of clothing items that don't fit me anymore. the clothes are only a year or so old and relatively trendy... or so i thought...
then, my teenaged cousins walked into our house, i didn't bother bringing the bag of clothes down because they looked like extras/refugees from the fast times at ridgemont high, valley girl or the breakfast club movies. i realized they wouldn't want my clothes from a year ago. they wanted my clothes from when i was their age.

4) more fun with youth culture...

i got to talking about music with my cousins. one of whom labels metallica as classic rock. seriously folks, after i quizzed her about "classic rock", i almost saw the dialogue bubble over her head in text message saying: "idk. metallica?"

so, feeling a little undereducated in the "new" music department, i picked up a relatively new magazine on my radar, thirteen minutes, and found LOTS of new music... by filipino folks:

gloc 9
annette ortiz (formerly of fatal posporos, now with SLY and Half Past Two)
vincent black shadow
west indian girl
celia chavez

that's right, my own peeps are churning out new music and i don't know SQUAT about them. but hey, at least i know my boston. two snaps up! ;)

5) bringing out the lola in me...

and last but not least, i give you my final proof/evidence of my aging/mortality - my beloved children - who have a knack... no. a gift for bringing out the lola in me. let's just say, when the sh*t really hits the fan, the gloves come off, i assume the lola stance, i don the homemade housedress, the tsinelas start to fly and the words leave my mouth (jokingly... mostly... ok, please excuse my verbal abuse):

* sampaling kita! 'sus, marijosep! papaluing kita! sige!

* lakas ang ilaw, eh! patay ang ilaw sa kuwarto! tulog na!

* kain na!

* huwag mong galawin iyan!

* bahala na!

* grahbe! walang hiya!

* sira ang ulo

anyhoo, the time has come for me to take that much needed nap and my daily geritol before i embark on a bifocaled search thru the house for my partials...


Rachel said...

My MIL called my husband the other day to ask him to buy her Salonpas. Alas, they do not sell it at CVS.

And I know what you mean about the kids' clothes. Seeing all those things come back in style again makes me feel old.

Angela said...

I can't believe some of the styles that are coming back. I read your post on your blog, I hope the kids are feeling much better and you don't get whatever they had.

Tia C said...

Hi Geralys,

Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say thanks for mentioning me and my music! Wait 'til I show MY Filipina mom... :)

Celia Chavez