17 December 2007

The Other Mini-Me

I can't talk about my one kid without talking about the other. While my daughter is Mini-Me on the inside, my son is Mini-Me from the outside. Check this out:

See that little cutie on the bottom left hand side? Now imagine that face belonging to a boy age 6 with much shorter hair. THAT image would be my son. It's uncanny how that kid looks *just* like me. I don't want to post his photo to protect his privacy, but believe me when I tell you that he is the splitting image of his mommy at that age.

But boy, our insides couldn't be any different. The kid's personality is just like his daddy's -- easygoing to the point of being indecisive, great with numbers (he can already add and subtract in his head), lets other kids take the lead in sports/school, and doesn't really care about what he wears.

In short, the complete and total opposite of his mom.

I can't say that raising him is a lot easier than raising my more opinionated daughter. Grappling with his personality definitely has its own set of challenges. He is my child who defers to his opinionated mommy a lot, the one who says "Whatever you want, mommy" when I ask him if he'd like to wear this or that today. But he is also the kid who gets so caught up in what he's doing he can't hear me when I'm trying to call his name. Imagine this in a parking lot when his attention is diverted by some bright and shiny object and no amount of yelling his name can snap him to. I've had one or two heart-stopping moments when I thought a car was about to plow him down.

I guess raising him is just like raising any other kid -- they all have their sets of ups and downs. But when I look at his face and see my smile reflected in his, the twinkle in my eyes copied EXACTLY in his, I can't help but melt all over the place. I guess that's why God created children to be in the image and likeness of their parents, right?


Anonymous said...

isn't it crazy how our kids truly are mini versions of ourselves? i look at my boys and see me or DH everyday and wonder, "how is that possible?!" and it sounds like you and i definitely have one of each... laid-back, relaxed (my 2nd boy) and one that needs the structure, control(my older boy). but i suppose it's all about the balance. DH and i balance each other... and so do my boys. can you imagine raising 2 pamelas?!

mom2amara said...

K, love the picture! Share more!