16 February 2009

Filipino Top Chef

I'm a wannabe foodie.

I wish I could make my deceased grandmother's palabok.

And this week, I'm trying my luck on a mocha roll.

I'm lacking a bit in the kitchen.

So my food fantasies are typically played out with an addiction to Food Network, America's Test Kitchen, and Bravo's Top Chef. I've also been known to secretly watch Hell's Kitchen too.

And with each show, what surprises me is that there is always a Pinoy in the Kitchenaid mix.

Who could forget Dale Talde introducing halo halo to the non-Filipino world during Season 4 of Top Chef?

And he's in good company on the show. Bravo's reality television show has attracted the culinary skills of Filipinos Josie Smith-Malave in Season 2 and Leah Cohen who was just booted off last week.

The mohawk bearing Louross Edralin tested Hell's Kitchen in Season 4.

Of course, the culinary expertise of a Filipinos far surpass the boob tube. Chef Cristeta Comerford is the first minority to head the White House kitchen. Do you think President Obama has feasted on kare kare yet?

I'm channeling my inner foodie here. Here's hoping one of these chefs will take their wooden spoon and beat some cooking sense into me.

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