19 January 2009

Filipino celebrity moms

I wanted my daughter’s nickname to be Pops.

Dad2Amara understood. He knew that I looked at Pops Fernandez and saw a strong, beautiful mother. And that was my hope for our child.

That conversation was over five years ago. But today, Pops is still making headlines as a top mom.

An Asian Journal reporter recently gave her list of the top 10 celebrity Pinay moms.

While I spend a lot of time dashing Amara from ice skating to Girl Scouts, I know many stars have drivers to chauffeur their kids from activity to activity.

My hair is undone. Many days I go sans makeup. But celebs have the paparazzi at their lovely pedicured feet.

So no matter where in the world you live, the plain Jane in most of us enjoys obsesses over celebs and their lifestyles.

But underneath it all, they’re still just mom. Right?

Take Ruffa Gutierrez. She tells the paper she wants to become more “centered” and “balanced” in 2009. (But unlike me, she’s probably centering with the help of a personal yoga instructor!)

Pops came in at number 6 on the list. She’s like the Posh Spice of the Philippines if you ask me. Beautiful and stylish. Her kids aren’t her accessories. She has some major bling of her own.

Today, we call our daughter “Bean,” a nickname that stuck from her time in the womb.

Maybe our next child can be called Pops.

When she’s not reading on the latest Hollywood gossip, Monina can also be found on her blog Being Mom2Amara.

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