02 September 2008

First Day of School

So today is Science Boy's first day of school. First grade. Brand new school, brand new teacher, brand new everything. I think-- no, I *know* -- I was more nervous than him when I dropped him off this morning with his load of school supplies. (I shall blog about school supply shopping at another date.) When did they start making seven-year olds with such a sense of poise and fearlessness? He marched right up to his classroom, shook his teacher's hand and went in without a backward glance.

Meanwhile I'm a wreck about everything. I have nightmares about him missing his bus. I have nightmares about him missing his bus STOP. I have nightmares about me driving the bus route in search of my kid wandering the streets of our neighborhood lost and alone. Maybe I should have written all this down on a little card. It *is* a lot to remember.

Bus number: 4
Classroom number: 106
Lunch selection: Chicken nuggets, potato wedges, peaches, chocolate milk
Lunch number code: ? (He's supposed to find that out today.)

I'm looking at the clock and looking at his daily schedule. It's Language Arts right now, followed by recess at 10:50. Then Lunch from 11:00 - 11:50, followed by recess again.

Motherly mutterings for today:
- I hope he doesn't get lost inside the school
- I hope he makes new friends fast
- I hope he has fun

Forgive the stream of consciousness from one crazy-assed neurotic mother. I know things will get better. Until then, can't help the worry. (Where's that Xanax?)


Asianmommy said...

Hee! I know how you feel. I'm much more stressed out about my daughter's homework than she is. :)

Jen said...

Kids are remarkable. I don't give my kids enough credit sometimes...they surprise me with their confidence.

I worry about the same things. I think I'll still worry about the same things when they're at college.

Grace said...

Y'all start school late! My kids are in their 5th week of school already. [sigh] But we all feel those same worries you've written when our kids "begin" at a new place. It just takes me back to my own experiences in my mind...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kalay! You've survived the first week! I'm sure all went well.