05 May 2008

A Sponsored Contest Of The Month

**The Filipino-American Month is in June, so we thought it would be more than appropriate to extend this contest until the end of the month.

Calling all Nanays! Let Inay, Ate, Kumare, Tita, and Lola know that in honor of Mother’s Day this month, we have a fun little contest for all Filipina Moms hosted by BataBatuta.com / TheBata.com

Answer the question below in an essay form and email to FilipinaMom(at)gmail(dot)com - Re:Essay Contest . One winner will be chosen.

Contest Question:

As a Filipina Mom, what part of your own Filipino upbringing is most important to pass on to your own children and why?


  • Minimum 800 words in Filipino or English
  • Enter your essays on the email server itself. No attachments will be opened so please don’t send picture or word files.
  • All entries are due on June 30th
  • Filipina Moms anywhere are welcome to participate


  • Isang Mayang Uhaw – Children’s Book in English and Filipino
  • Si Pagong at si Matsing – Children’s Book in English and Filipino
  • $50.00 Visa Gift Card
This contest will run until June 30th, 2008 and the winner will be announced the following week.

All essays will be posted here in FilipinaMoms.com and we will have everyone vote. We reserve the right to refuse any entry that is blatantly meant to demean, politicize, ostracize, or alienate any cultures or have any cultural biases/prejudice in its content. And although FilipinaMoms.com’s mission to give voice to every Mom out there, it is in our best interest that we are empowering ourselves without having to put down anyone else. We’re not about not to start any flame wars out there.

Any submitted material is entirely upon the participant’s discretion to shoulder any responsibility of any legal infringements. Participants must use your good faith efforts to ensure that content submitted is your own original work of authorship and does not contain any plagiarism.

Please pass this contest on to all your Filipina Mom friends.


Viloria.net said...

Hello! I wrote about your Filipina Moms Contest.

I hope more Filipina moms join. It's going to be fun! :-)

Bonggamom said...

Great contest and prizes! I hope lots of moms join. I'll spread the word on my blog..