23 May 2008

FilipinaMoms.com TV debut

FilipinaMoms.com was featured in Kababayan LA TV Show last month and as the Founding Editor for this site I was asked to be interviewed via satellite. I was mighty nervous in the interview and with no actual person in front of me other than a the CNN camera man, an earpiece, and the 2 second delay via satellite...I did the best that I could. Oh and of course my pre-interview classic mj goof-ups.

A big thanks to Janelle So and the Kababayan Show for the FilipinaMoms.com feature!


Anonymous said...

Well done, MJ! You represented Filipina Moms eloquently. Siguro mas madali yung interview kung napreview mo ang questions. =)

Take care,
Pam in Phoenix, AZ

mamazilla said...

lookin' good, rockstar! :)