18 January 2008


By: Yong B. Chavez

You knew it was just a matter of time. On the second day of American Idol Season 7 auditions, another Pinoy has made it to the show of shows.

Upon seeing previews of a contestant in a shiny silver cape and gaudy hat, I groaned knowing that he's Pinoy. I was afraid that the 44-year-old, 100% Pinoy, Renaldo Lapuz will do something completely embarassing. But as it turned out, he was so guileless and so sincere that he won me over.

Yes, he probably will be in the Worst list in the inevitable American Idol's Best & Worst, but unlike the completely deluded AI should-not-bes, Renaldo wasn't cringe-inducing (okay, maybe the costume was).

In fact, he did the most funny and entertaining audition so far. He even got the hosts to sing along and dance along with him.

The Reno, Nevada native didn't actually get the golden ticket to Hollywood (where many contestants wash out anyway) but he got something better: Fifteen minutes of fame and a prediction from his idol, Simon Cowell, that his audition piece - an original composition called "We're Brothers Forever" - will be a "hit record."

Okay, so Simon was laughing when he said that but it's not unthinkable: Renaldo could be this year's William Hung. And he already has one thing over Hung: Renaldo sings better, and I guarantee you, once you've heard him, for better or for worse, his song will stick in your mind like day-old malagkit. As one blogger described his performance: "He is freakin' hilarious!"

"If I were an American Idol, then I would give hope to those who are in despairs, and to be tough, to be strength," Renaldo said.

His English might be broken but his spirit surely wasn't when he tearfully thanked Simon after his audition for "giving a chance to everyone to sing to the whole world...to give a chance to any talent, free of charge."

Other kababayans might get crabby and start bagging on him but I hope for the opposite. Sure, talent-wise, he's no Jasmine Trias - not even AJ Tabaldo - but he just seems to be a happy Pinoy with a song in his heart so let's let him have the time of his life.

So - congrats, Renaldo! Idol ka namin.

And now, here are the lyrics to his song. All together now!

We're Brothers Forever
By Renaldo Lapuz

I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing this songs
The music that you liiiike!

Brothers till the end of time
Together or notYou're always in my heart
Your hurt, your feelings
And you will worry no mooore!

To view Renaldo's performance, click here.


Pam said...

Totally, totally agree with you. Renaldo's audition was the most fun and entertaining of any of them. Loved it!

Karmela said...

But why was he dressed like a gay Three Musketeers? Was that the brotherhood theme?

Angie said...

I've had that song stuck in my head for days now.

mom2amara said...

Karm - a gay three musketeer? I thought he just outright looked like a pimp. Why oh why?!

Ross said...

That guy really embodies a true American Idol. So sincere and full of guts. He epitomizes positivity and confidence. Should be the poster guy for all in despair and hopeless. His song should be in the airwave all around the world.

Anonymous said...

Brother Renaldo,
Were proud of you!1 grabee na to
itayo mo ang Bandila natin.Todo ang suporta ko,naming lahat sayo.

From you country men,