20 January 2008

The new Journey singer

I just wanted to tell you all about this wonderful singer that my husband and I discovered on You Tube and at the time we thought he was great. But now we see that has become famous in the United States. He had a band back in the Philippines called "The Zoo" and has performed around Asia for a while with not only this band but many others. Anyway he sings all songs covering many bands but the one that saw him and recognized his awesome talent was the founder of the group Journey . he was looking through You Tube trying to see if he could find a new lead singer for his band and when he saw Arnel Pineda he thought wow this guy is great but is he for real. so he emailed Arnel and at first Arnel thought it was a hoax but his friends said why not see if it is for real. So well and behold he emailed back and the band brought him in for a audition, they loved him and now he is the lead singer for Journey. I am so stoked about him that I had to let you all know of this up and coming star from the Philippine's. Keep a watch as they are going into the studio and will have a new record out by summer. They will most likely be touring by next year and might be in your neck of the woods.

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