19 April 2010

"Everbody's Working For the Weekend!"

You know it's been a particularly busy weekend when you arrive in your office on a Monday morning and sink into your ergonomic office chair with a sigh of relief.

Yep, it was THAT kind of weekend for my family. Let's see...what are some of the miscellaneous and sundry things that happened? In chronological order, we partook in:

  • FRIDAY: The very first sock hop at my kids' school. I was in the organizing committee (decorations) so it was doubly hectic. Right before that, Science Boy had to go to a first communion rehearsal so he had to miss part of the dance.
  • SATURDAY: Two soccer games, one gymnastics class, and a culture show. Said culture show entailed loads of prep work for me -- ironing costumes, doing hair, fixing wardrobe malfunctions, all in high heels. I was at the show from 2 in the afternoon until about 11 pm. Yaaawwnnn...
  • SUNDAY: Mass, CCD, grocery shopping, finish the mulching, taking SB to another communion practice, band practice and playdate. Thankfully managed to squeeze in a yoga class.
  • And MIL was also here for a visit.
Okay, I'm going to quit writing now. I'm getting exhausted just reliving the weekend. I shall concentrate now on something less stressful and infinitely more relaxing. Like work.


Trish said...

Wow that was one helluva weekend! It can be typical for a Filipino Mom though, especially if you live overseas without any katulong. But I'm glad I found this blog because I know I'm now in the company of kindred spirits. More power, moms!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

It's great to finally find a Filipino Mom Group! Yay! I've been for a while searching online for one. It seem like there is a huge shortage of online presence of us in the realm of blogosphere. I would love to see this group take off and find a niche. Please let me know how I can help :)