17 May 2009

a few opportunities

As a global resource for Pinay moms, Filipina Moms often is invited to participate in various events. And while this blog has take a hiatus of sorts [ahem...yes, that's been largely because of my lacidasical attitude.], I felt I should share with all of you the opportunities that have come our way.

For our Filipina Moms that are in the RP, Kumon Philippines has several educational and parenting seminars planned for now all the way through October. More info can be found on their website Kumon Parenting.

For our vlogging Filipina Moms, CNN's iReport is asking parents to submit short videos about issues in their schools. You can find examples of iReports on other subjects here and can submit an iReport for consideration here.

And because we all know that Filipina Moms love their beloved pastries, I just wanted to share with you an article by San Francisco writer Patricia Kutza. She wrote on her first experience at the Vallejo Goldilocks. For me, it was refreshing to see how a non-Pinay appreciated Filipino food. And, Kutza introduced me to an unknown: calorie-free Goldilocks.

I hope you find some use to these links. And if you have some links that could be useful to other Filipina Moms, drop us a line!

Monina, a.k.a. Mom2Amara, can usualy be found on her blog Being Mom2Amara. But these days, she's typically hitting the pavement as she trains for her first half marathon. But more running means more calories which in turn means she's indulging in more of her favorite treats like hopia.

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