20 January 2009

Hello, 44 --thoughts of an almost-US citizen

Yup, that's me with Barack Obama. I just had to have my picture taken with him during his swearing-in ceremony. My nose is all red and swollen and blotchy because I couldn't hold back the tears. I saw Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama's mother and thought of how people couldn't wait to spit on the ground that her own mother walked on. I thought of the millions of people gathered, braving the cold and crowds just to be part of this moment, and I remembered 1986 and Edsa. Filipinos stood up for change back then, just like Americans did this past November. How could I not cry?

When my US citizenship application didn't push through in time for me to vote for Barack Obama, I was bummed. I wanted to be a part of history, one of the little gusts of wind that banded together with the rest to make up that great hurricane of hope and change. But in a way, it has worked out even better. My swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for Feb. 17, and when I take the oath as a United States citizen, Barack Obama will be MY president. And I am so very, very proud.

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Mom2Amara said...

What a tremendous day it is! As a minority living in the United States, you are right, you can't help but cry!

You may have not been able to vote in November's election, but your picture today counts as your part in history!