26 December 2008

All I want for Christmas is Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse

You wouldn't think to look at it, but Red Ribbon's chocolate mousse is as Pinoy as polvoron and leche flan. Moist chocolate cake, rich chocolate cake, airy whipped cream.... what Filipino hasn't tried and died over this? It's Red Ribbon's oldest (and I'll bet, most popular) product and it's got to be one of those "Filipino" favorite cakes, along with Goldilocks' Ube Roll and SugarHouse's Coffee Crunch Cake .

For those balikbayans (and Filipinos at heart) who aren't lucky enough to have a Red Ribbon bakery nearby, here's my attempt at recreating the recipe. It's a great way to add a bit more "Pinoy" in your holidays this year.

Bonggamom dreams of unlimited chocolate mousse, kids that behave and other fantasies over on her personal blog, Finding Bonggamom.


Asianmommy said...

Looks delicious! Happy Holidays!

Mom2Amara said...

Dad2Amara could not believe this was a Filipino dish. Now he wants to try it!

mamazilla said...

yummmmmmm..... my auntie and uncle just came back from a trip to the bay area and brought back a HUGE box of red ribbon treats... i basically stuffed my face from all that goodness.... :)