08 September 2008

On our way

My 4 year old son, Angelo, is now on his second week of Pre-K, doing two-hour sessions every day. The full day session of 8:30am-2:30pm doesn't begin until next week. Meanwhile, I wore my motherhood cap all day today, spending the morning with the tyke and then bringing him to work with me.

I know the boy is growing up because he's more inventive with his antics now and he tends to be less susceptible to my attempts at intimidating him into behaving well. That brain of his is developing double time and is outpacing my patience. To his credit, he was okay about commuting to work and never once asked me to carry him. The stroller has been stored in the attic waiting for such time when someone can have better use of it. Or as the boy would say, "something to give to the poor." Its just that the day we spent together has forced me to re-evaluate the wisdom of bringing him to work anytime soon.

I packed him his favorite rice cakes and a juice box, both of which remained untouched as the school kindly served him breakfast.

He was beaming as he went in, completely ignoring Mommy talking to the parateacher about the lunch money. He hurriedly waved goodbye and followed the gang into the hallway. I felt like I wanted to hold him back but his excitement about beginning another day in school was written all over his face.

I walked him to school and had to go back home as there was work to be done. I timed the walk, just around 7 minutes at a leisurely pace -- and I had just a little over an hour before I was heading back to pick him up. I stood outside their assigned exit with the other moms, surveying the others who were waiting for one of the 18 little tykes inside. I was the only Filipino but one of around 15 Asians. In this class, there was a token white person, one African American who turned out to be half Asian (Tse canNOT be anything but), and one Latina. I was apparently the only one getting ready to hie off to work, as I enviously eyed their flipflops and lounge clothes. I actually felt overdressed but I saw no reason to divert from the usual as I WAS going to work right after getting him.

Two hours later, he was beaming as they led him out. He said he had fun and had something for me in his backpack, which turned out to be his parent directory which the teachers are asking us to give a final once-over before typing.

No homework today. (What a relief!) I actually feel a sense of excitement whenever I open his bookbag to get his homework folder. Just as a child would excitedly open a goodie bag.

It felt good to hold his hand as we walked away from the school grounds. I listened intently as he related to me how he had so much fun today. Yes, indeed, we're on our way.


Asianmommy said...

It's exciting for us, too, when they start to grow up. I volunteered as the lunch lady in the cafeteria this week. So weird re-living grade school through my daughter's eyes.

Grace said...

My son has the SAME backpack! Isn't it great when our kids leave us with smiles and come back to us with smiles?