30 April 2008

Filipino Heritage Night at AT&T Ballpark

Let's play ball! The San Francisco Giants are sponsoring their first-ever Filipino Heritage Night on May 14th. For $20 you get tickets to the May 14 Giants vs. Astros game, special performances by Filipino entertainers such as the Hiyas Philippine Dance company, and a special commemorative tshirt.

I think it's great that the Giants are adding Filipinos to their annual Heritage Week series, seeing as there are so many Filipinos in the Bay Area. It's a great way to get Filipinos to celebrate their culture, as well as a great way to showcase Filipino culture to people who might otherwise not be aware of it.

My only question is, will they be selling pork barbecue and turon along with the hotdogs?

1 comment:

xiaolinmama said...

Great tip! I am putting it in my calendar now:)