10 November 2007

Festive fears

As soon as September comes I secretly think about Christmas, though I dread to even mention my thoughts to my husband as he seems to come out in cold sweats just the mere mention of the festive event. Even casual conversations with friends and family, when asked whether they’re looking forward to Christmas, I’m usually answered by "Oh don’t even talk about it!” But who can blame them? The pressure of having a ‘Merry Christmas’ has gotten worse over the years.

Society and new technology has changed the way we celebrate, it has become the retailers dream as most outlets makes up to 60% of their annual turnover at this time of the year. By mid September our supermarkets shelves are already filled with mince pies, cards, decorations, climbing Santa and more… and by December I am getting sick of it already!

However, of course, my kids are really looking forward to it. They are the only ones who seem unaware by the constant bombardment and brainwashing of the ‘must buy’ gifts of the year. As they watch the TV adverts, all I hear is "I want that! I want that!!!" Euan wants anything to do with Transformers, Harry Potter, every PS2 game, a Nintendo Wii, Ellie wants anything with a price tag over £100, from an iPod, to the latest Video Journal…. mobile phone to Fairy Washing up Liquid, and Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner my kids want it all.

Every year David and I promise each other that we WONT get the kids too much, but yes, as you’ve guessed they end up with more than expected and some of the toys or gadgets do get left unused, left to gather dust under the bed or end up just being given to charity. It’s also scary to know that, an average child in the UK receive gifts worth more than £250 and I’m sure that us parents are guilty in one way or another of over indulging our children at Christmas and spending nearly the same amount or maybe more!

Even though my kids knows the true meaning of Christmas, it’s a shame that in the modern world that we live in now, it has been overshadowed by our insatiable need for material things and what we can get, just to make our Christmas a merry one.

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mamazilla said...

i remember one year, i received 6 candy bars for christmas (we were pretty poor) and i was REALLY happy about it. i mean they were my FAVORITE candy bar and i was rarely allowed to eat candy. i know it sounds weird but it was a treat for me. :)