07 September 2007

be proud!

There's a running joke in my family -- my own father, Lolo2Amara, inevitably finds a Filipino link to any current song, movie, etc.

But even with his thirteen degrees of separation, he may be on to something.

This morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sheila Marcelo. This Filipina mom of two has an incredible educational background (can we say Harvard Business and Law Schools?), is highly motivated (she is the founder and CEO of Care.com), and is extremely successful (prior to starting up Care.com she worked with established companies such as Upromise). After our interview, I thought "how awesome it is that she is a Filipina!" And I was proud!

Earlier this year I met Aileen Avery. She's been on TV shows like HGTV's I Want That. She's part Filipino as well.

Mamazilla has previously written about Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.

And how about the wildly popular High School Musical? Did you know that the lead actress, Vanessa Hudgens is part Pinay?

EDIT: And I almost forgot about Erwin Angala, the Filipino behind the Hummer H2 and the new Cadillac CTS (he's grew up in my neck of the woods).

So in a matter of months, I was able to find and share with my daughter the wonderful accomplishments of not just Filipinos but mainstream Filipinos...ones that she will recognize from media exposure.

See it as you may, I often feel I must *prove* a Filipino's worth to Amara. As if I need to give my daughter a reason to be proud. But I don't need to give her a reason.

That's because Pinoys display strength in integrity. We are strong. And we are prosperous!

Who are the Filipinos you are proud of?

[Note: This video has been out there for awhile but in case some of you have yet to see it, here you go!]


mamazilla said...

coincidentally, sharon leal, one of the Dreamgirls, is also part pinay AND a mom. there's a great interview with her in the latest issue of audrey magazine.

also, i'm very proud of my mentor/maestra/btdt mom, author jessica hagedorn and my other author friend, mae respicio koerner who published her book, "filipinos in los angeles" and is about to have her first baby!

i am also a big fan of BEP's apl de ap and florante aguilar's harana.

i could go on and on... i'm so proud of being filipino! there's so much to be proud of. :)

daddy in a strange land said...

You sure you wanna "claim" the Pussycat Dolls "singer"? ;)

Yeah, I did a whole monologue during college (don't ask) about hapa male actors.

You forgot Rob Schneider! ;)

(Heh. Another one of those "do I really wanna claim 'em" cases...)

Anonymous said...

My "favorite" is Lea Salonga and about half the contestants of So You Think You Can Dance! ;)

Karmela said...

The fighting style in the movie BOURNE ULTIMATUM is the Filipino Kali, a deadly martial art that uses quick thrusts and parries to disarm your opponent the fastest way possible. All the fight scenes were choreographed by Jeff Imada, and he says it's the first time that Kali has ever been filmed. I was so proud when I saw the making of BU on HBO and heard Imada say "Filipino Kali." Kick ass and take no prisoners, baby!

And Daddy In A Strange Land -- you betcha we wanna claim Nicole Scherzinger! You stick with your people, be they good, bad or cheezy.

mj aka sugarmama said...

Karmela -- and to add to your famous Filipino Martial Artists - let's not forget Dan Inosanto. Inosanto is one of three people allowed by Bruce Lee to teach his Martial Arts style, and the only one to be given Instructor ship in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.

Mama's Moon said...

I'm blow away, really, by all of this. I mean, my eyes been opened each time I come to visit one of you over here. It's helped me to appreciate and learn more about that part of my heritage. I loved that video montage...

Karmela said...

The video is so inspiration. But it missed one of the greatest Filipinas on the world stage: Josie Natori, luxury lingerie maker. Kind of a big oversight. Ms. Natori is in this month's supplemental Style issue of TIME.

mom2amara said...

OK I know I haven't been around this week so I'm late but what?! Natori is Filipino?!?! Who knew! I love all the fashionista Pinoys (Monique Lhuillier and Rafe...and I'm sure there are more)!