21 August 2007

What's in a Name?

Have you guys seen this? So bizarre! This name generator turns your name into a "filipino name". I already have a very "Filipino" name so when I put it through it came out as Maria Estrella Rachel Moonbeam Quilong-quilong! And I am married to Ramon Alfred Drummer Boy Beran! My sister is Evangeline Serena Sunshine Maybanting and my dad is Ferderand Ernesto Junior Afuyog!
What's your double Filipino name? I found this game on amazing artist Clairelight's page.


mamazilla said...

i'm SO changing my name to: Estrella Rosamaria Sunshine Magaoay! ;) hilarious...

i knew a guy whose last name was Dy. his parents named him John Kenny.

get it? John. Kenny. Dy.

sad, but true.

Superha said...

i'm changing mine to Celementina Olinda Happy Sahagun.

how fun to have the word happy in my name.

I love the "Quilong-quilong" part of your name!


samokdaddy said...

How does Ferderand Carlito Bing Bareng grab ya? I put the Freezing Islander's name in and this is what came out...Evangeline Rose Honey Pie Orines. It's certainly more exciting than her real one.

xiaolin momma said...

Just call me Estrella Xalbadora Daffodil Nicdao. I love Daffodil - call me daffy for short.

mj aka sugarmama said...

Ma Joy Rosamaria Mai-Mai Tabamo

Ok, in my case it isn't so funny, because it only makes me more aware that I need to lose weight...hehe

mom2amara said...

Lovin' my name - Celementina Jannelle Maggie Sagnep.

My nickname "Maggie" makes me laugh. My true nickname is "Nikki" to my family and close friends. I literally gave myself that name when I was four years old because I wanted a more American name. So when I see that the name generator gave me a more traditional nickname, it almost seems fitting :)