20 August 2007

The Value of Money and Yu Gi Oh Cards

Okay this is not the typical post for Filipina Moms, but this is a plea for help on the mommy front. Being Pinays, I know some of you are pack rats like me and have WAY too much junk at home - a trait I am trying to get rid of and not pass on to my kids. Is it just MY family or do your parents have boxes upon boxes of stuff always on hand ready to send to relatives in the PI? I mean, they are sending those Balikbayan boxes back and forth like it is goin' out of style.

Anyway, yesterday, I attended the Craig's List Boot Camp and attended great session on Ebay's Giving Works Program. It allows non profits to auction items directly and it also allows individuals to hold auctions and donate proceeds to a non profit of their choice. I was just talking to my seven year old about cleaning his room and his desire to own a Wii. Well since I was not forking over the $400 for the system and he had no money, we were at an impasse. Taking out the garbage and doing extra chores are only going to take him so far (Did I mention that he is only 7?), so we thought we'd have to have a garage sale. Ugh!

But low and behold, there was ebay to save the day. We decided to put what mommy learned into action and test it out. Being a seller was fairly easy. We also recorded a short fundraising video that is a new feature on ebay. Now how do you say no to a face like that? We had such a ball today.

I don't have high hopes that he is going to make the millions he is hoping for, but I am proud to say that we spent a few hours together working on this valuable lesson on making money and the value of money. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it sells and that he learns that making a buck can also mean the less fortunate can win too. If this works, the possibilities are endless!

So go out there and bid on the Yu Gi Oh cards! Please help him clean his room! I'm beggin' y'all!

Support this 7 year old as he cleans out his room by buying his Yu Gi Oh Cards.

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mamazilla said...

wow! he's a CUTIE! but i have no idea what yu gi oh cards are... :(

i don't think you'll have any trouble selling them on ebay with his sales pitch and that sly smile. ;)

Anonymous said...

I too need to clean out the closets (so much baby stuff!!) and I always hesitate to give stuff to Goodwill because I feel I should send it to the Philippines. So instead of making money in a yard sale, or donating to local charity, I pay for shipping? Seems illogical, no?

maria said...

Now if those were Pokemon cards, I'm sure my son would have wanted me to bid on them. I've been told that he now has more than a thousand cards and that some are really rare and expensive. Of course, it was my fault because I started him on this collecting business. Thank God he knows how to save his allowance so he can buy more cards, at least I do not have to shell out extra cash for this. I wonder if I should try selling on ebay too instead of just buying... an apartment can only hold so much junk ;p

xiaolin momma said...

You all are VERY sweet. The YU GI OH cards were just one my son's obsessions - along with soccer, video games and tv!

Maria -
Pokemon cards are HOT on Ebay. My son paid $5.00 for just one card - yes, he did quite a few chores for that one.

maria said...

I'd love to be able to sell those pokemon cards, but I think my son would disown me if I do... He's still collecting them to date.

mj aka sugarmama said...

Oh boy, don't get me started about getting my boys clean their room -- I wouldn't know where to start...

Shouldn't you be called aka Yugiohmama too? hehe

Balikbayan boxes --- would you believe my parents never ever sent one? Weird huh! So I've never ever packed one.

And yes, it is too hard to resist your son's charm! But if I buy your Yugioh, will you buy my son's collection of Lego Exo-force models? I am so sick of those...hehe