26 August 2007

such a small world

It really is a world of laughter and a world of tears. Because my family's recent cruise "around the world" at Disney left me feeling bittersweet.

Don't get me wrong. It's A Small World is a terrific boat ride filled with animatronics paying tribute to children around the globe.

But how small of a world is it that the Philippines can only have one doll tucked away in a corner of the Polynesian Room?

Dad2Amara was able to point out several figures from Germany, on two separate occasions during the ride. And at the end of the attraction, Dad2Amara showed our daughter a sign written in Polish saying "goodbye" to guests.

Me? I scoured the ride, in hopes of finding the lone Filipina.

In the Asian room, India has a miniature version of the Taj Mahal with several dolls in traditional garb. China and Japan are fully represented as well (not to mention both countries have a World Showcase in neighboring Epcot). So why is there merely one Pinay doll left in solitude? Is the world so small that Disney couldn't give the Filipina a male counterpart in a barong Tagalog?

It's discouraging -- how can I teach having pride in one's heritage when a mainstream entity such as Walt Disney World seemingly forgets Filipinos?

I understand that the Philippines was fortunate enough to have a coveted spot inside the beloved attraction. But would it break the budget to give the PI a little more love?


mj aka sugarmama said...

LOL! I don't mean to laugh, but I swear that I couldn't even find the lone Filipina when I was there last year. I went around like 3x to look for her, and I was so discouraged not to be able to point one to my kids. But the real funny part for me is --- I couldn't stop singing that song after riding it 3x! My kids told me to shuddup already... no really! --- okay, didn't actually say the word "shut up" --they said Maaaaaa, stop it already...hehe

I love that place though!

Anonymous said...

kawawa naman! She's all by herself? I'll try to look for her if we ever make it to Disneyland. in the Polynesian section? what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

kawawa naman! She's all by herself? I'll try to look for her if we ever make it to Disneyland. in the Polynesian section? what's up with that?

mamazilla said...

could be worse... we could be in a cage like the chinese boy:


ML said...

I was just there a couple weeks ago and I totally felt the same way. However it was nice of my caucasian friend to point her out to me since I was trying hard to remember where I last saw her. She shows up again in the last room where they are all wearing white.

xiaolin momma said...

My dad has picture of the doll, he was SO proud. I, on teh other hand, felt the same way- ripped off!

Karmela said...

Welcome back home, 'insan! The little Pinay statuette looks so lonely! Perhaps one of these days, we should sneak a little Jose Rizal statue next to her? Or better yet, the Igorot statue inside the barrel! Haha!

daddy in a strange land said...

Surprised la dra. didn't remember the song I made up when we went there during our militant college years: "It's a white world after all...we just take, we don't share, if you're not white, we don't care, it's a white world after all..." Somehow, I don't think the white family with small children in the boat in front of us was too enthralled with my version. Heh.

honglien123 said...

The Vietnamese of the world empathize with you.