31 August 2007

save the date!

every once in a while, i check the cfaff (chicago filipino american film festival) site to see when this year's festival will be held:

what's that you say? you think the weekend of november 9-11 would be the perfect time to visit chicago to support filipino filmmakers and watch some filipino centric films? and maybe, just maybe, share some popcorn (snuck in, of course...) with a chicago filipina mom(s) who may also be attending (assuming i can get a babysitter to babysit for three nights in a row)?

what a GREAT idea! :)


monkeyporkbun said...

That rocks! I have lots of family in Chicago. Unfortunately I am supporting my friend and husband that weekend for the doc film festival mentioned in this post. http://monkeyporkbun.typepad.com/monkeyporkbun/2007/07/squeaking-in-be.html

Do any of you know any of the filmmakers? Let me know what you liked and keep me posted! We're heavy into film in this house!

Thanks for the post!

mom2amara said...

Oooh, never knew this took place! Have you been before? Would it be worth driving out for? I'd love to support our fellow Filipinos!

Mama's Moon said...

I wish we could get out there to enjoy it. It'd be nice to not only take a few days away from 'the village' but also to immerse the kiddos in something different. Maybe next year they'll consider LA. Have fun, Mamazilla!