24 August 2007


ok, so it's not QUITE free... BUT! it's for a VERY worthy cause...

just saw this on angryasianman.com:

"A year ago this month, the folks at Kid Heroes Productions debuted not one, but two Filipino pride-packed videos for the Black Eyed Peas' "Bebot." The videos were a huge internet sensation, with over 50,000 views in just the first few days. This month, they're celebrating the one year anniversary of the video with a special release of the BEBOT Promotional DVD. But it's not for sale.

The DVD will be free to anyone who purchases any two items a the Kid Heroes Cyber Store. The DVD contains both versions of the video, a making-of featurette, and other extra goodies. Best of all, a portion of all online sales during the month of August will be donated to the Little Manila Foundation. For more info, go here. angrylink"

i'm aware that the bebot videos are considered controversial and degrading by many, specifically their depictions of filipino women. and i've been meaning to write a blog post re: "the sexy filipina" and my own conflicted thoughts about the sexy filipina image in the media.

but, i really love the black eyed peas (even before that fergie person showed up), patricio ginelsa who directed the bebot video and the popular film, "the debut", and the little manila foundation. i often wish we had a little manila to fight for in chicago. here's a great featurette on the history of little manila and the filming of the bebot video there:

ok peeps, you have one week to score the bebot dvd... and i KNOW you've been meaning to buy that copy of Lumpia AND Lolo's Child.

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mom2amara said...

I have read much on the fight to bring back Little Manila to the glory it once was. But I had never seen that video. Salamat! Thanks for posting!