16 July 2007

Simply introducing....


This is my first post on Filipina Moms, and I'm honored to be asked to contribute. I'm UK based and been here since I was 9 years old (now 30!). I miss the old country as I haven't been back there ever since I left. So I guess talking and reading about blogs written by Filipinas makes me more closer to home.

My blog Istorya, is mainly about me, my family, and any thing else that I find worth talking about. I can be pretty outspoken and I like to say what I have in mind, sometimes I tend to offend people about my views, but hey that' life. All in all I love all the simple things in life, I have the most wonderful husband and two great kids and another one on the way, due Sept 14.

I've been briefly looking through the entries this afternoon and I find them refreshing, I hope I can contribute as well as the other members and I'm looking forward in getting to know all of you.

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SugarMama said...

Hello Ria!

Glad to see you postin' ! Your hands is about to get even fuller so take a lot of rest now. :-) Good luck on your upcoming labor!

:-) MJ