31 July 2007

The Chi-town Chinellas Treatment

This past weekend, I got the honor of meeting, MJ the fantastic founder of the Filipina Moms Blog. We met up at the BlogHer Conference on beautiful Chicago. As a newbie blogger, I had no idea what to do or expect at the conference. I was skeptical and nervous at what a gathering of 700 bloggers would be like. I felt like I was going to my highschool reunion, wishing, I lost 20 pounds and was a cool kid. But my anxiety was laid to rest in the first 20 minutes of the conference, when I met several women who felt the same way, whew!

MJ, as a true Pinay host, showed me the town. We ate at a yummy Mediteranean restaurant in Lincoln Park. Go there and check it out! The owner was sweet and gave us a free dessert! Yum! Don’t you just love the free stuff? We talked about FIlipinamoms blog and the blogosphere as a whole. (Blogosphere? Wow, don’t I sound like I learned something there, must have been between martinis?)

It was great to match the face with the writing and get to know her better. It was like seeing one of your best girlfriends and catching up. She really went of her way to welcome me to her home – Chi-town! All that was missing was the pair of chinellas, my mom always gave to guests when they came to our house.

Salamat MJ! I am ready to bust out the “chinellas” treatment for any of you visiting Northern California!

(BTW - excuse my digression, but this picture is not so great, because I desperately need a new camera:) I also really am 20 pounds lighter, I'm blaming that on the camera too!)


mamazilla said...

i'm so bummed that i wasn't able to meet up with you while you were here! hopefully, you had such a good time that you're already planning your next visit! :)

MJ aka sugarmama said...

I had so much fun showing you around! Too bad it was so short. I will definitely look you you up the next time the family and I are in Northern Cali.

Mamazilla -- I was really hoping that you could've joined us..oh well next time.

Oh, and a shout out to Cousins -- the Turkish restaurant in Lincoln Park in Chicago. The Yakut was great, and the food was delish. You guys ought to try this place if you haven't already.

bokumbop said...

I also regret not meeting up with you for dinner! But at least we still can get together for those in Chicago ... if you don't mind a stray Korean tagging along :-) . X-mama - I enjoyed meeting you, hopefully another time, maybe in CA!

MJ aka sugarmama said...

bokumbop --- are you kidding me?! Of course we want you to tag along!!! We didn't get to chat enough at the Yahoo Blogher party and so we definitely need to get together.

xiaolin momma said...

No worries, I 'll have a pair of slippers/chinellas waiting for you all!

amaras_mom said...

It's been awhile since I've eaten there, but is Little Quiapo (was it on Clark?) still open? Leave it to a Pinay to visit another city and still want to eat Filipino food!

mj aka sugarmama said...

Little Quiapo has moved to bigger and better place. And parking too! They are now in the farther part of the Chicago northside.