27 June 2007

A New Chapter

Hi, I'm Maria or Rachelle, you can take your pick. It's one of those Filipino quirks that one has to add a saint's name or a name from the bible for a child to be baptised. Apparently, adding and extra "L" and "E" made my name foreign sounding that the priest refused to baptise me unless my parents added "Maria" to it. Luckily or unluckily, it did not make me a saint ;p

I am so thrilled to have been invited to join Filipina Moms blog. Thrilled and also a little intimidated by all the other contributing writers. Looking at their personal blogs, reading about their lives and accomplishments, made mine seem tame in comparison. Being a librarian, a bookworm and a writer/poet wannabe tend to ensure life is on the quiet side. I've never kept a diary before but had to start blogging at the insistence of my friends. They wanted to know every mischief I managed to land myself into, being the only one in our group that's based in the US.

My own blog, Everything Under The Sun, is as the title suggests. Mostly it's about my family's adventure, almost always accompanied by pictures (which I love taking whenever my daughter let's me borrow her camera). Sometimes, it gets a little mushy, or serious... you know, life. My two lovable kids (I had to say that or they'll never let me use the computer again), were left in the care of my parents up till the later part of 2006. Now they're here with me, so I guess you can say that I am rediscovering the wonders of being a Mom. An adventure that will be more interesting and meaningful because I get to share it with all of you.


SugarMama said...

lol on the Maria thing --- I happen to have the Mary in front of my name so I can truly relate. And I know I have lots of Filipino friends ahving Ma. in front of their name as well.

Anyway --- I refused to be just called Mary (instead of Mary Jane) but MJ stuck from highschool so that kind of made it easier.

Glad to have you onboard in here!

la dra said...

Hi everyone! This is so exciting to have a space for what I am sure will prove how diverse our community is! But guess what? I have a Maria in front of my first name too!