26 June 2007

The adventure begins...

Hello everyone!
My name is Sheila, aka Xiaolinmama. I have 2 kids and am married to a great guy who actually does dishes and laundry. I am so excited to join the fine women of www.Filipinamoms.com.

Where did the name Xiaolin Mama come from? My children and I love to watch this cartoon, Xiaolin Showdown. It is about four young warriors who are learning to and battle the forces of evil. They save the world on a daily basis by protecting ancient artifacts which have magical powers, aka Sheng Gong Wu, from villains. We love to watch the battles. My 7-year-old son loves the martial arts and my 4-year-old daughter loves the girl warrior, who kicks-butt on a regular basis! I especially like the "master" who teaches his young apprentices how to be patient, work as a team and how to beat a monster with his eyes closed.

I am new to the blogosphere, been writing on-line for a few months, but have always kept a journal. I recently quit my job as a non-profit fundraiser and youth development consultant to spend more time at home “developing my own youth” at home. I do some consulting work and write my own blogs at www.starfishcircle.com and http://www.starfishcircle.com/xiaolinmama/ it has been an adventure already.

I love to write about the craziness of being a parent, taking care of my father-in-law who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the daily joys of living in the Silicon Valley. My kids are of mixed heritage and I want them to know about all the various parts of their culture. I’m hoping that I’m teaching them a lot more that eating Korean Bulgogi, wearing a barong on special occasions and enjoying a frothy Guinness beer. I don’t always feel very successful, but I try.

I was so excited to find this blog and am honored to be part of the team. I am excited to share my little piece of the world and look forward to hearing about your stories and adventures!


SugarMama said...

Welcome to FilipiaMoms Sheila aka XiaolinMama! My 7 year old now thinks I am sooo cool after seeing me read your posting with that Xiaolin Showdown pic you posted. hehe. My kids are also in love with that show!

daddy in a strange land said...

Cool! Glad to see you here! I surfed over to your blogs after your comments on the whole PTA brouhaha on SVMB and kept meaning to go back and write you a comment! Can't wait to hear more about your non-profit work, etc. I'm all into that. :) (And raising multiethnic AsAm kids too!)

--d.i.s.l. (from ricedaddies.com)

xiaolin momma said...

MJ - Glad to hear I increased your cool factor - but I doubt you needed much help:)

D.I.S.L - been following your blog as well - great to connect with you!