03 April 2007

Meet our contributing writers below:
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MJ aka Sugarmama - Chicago, IL USA
Founder of FilipinaMoms Blog

100% Filipino at heart, but can be as American as an apple pie. MJ is a work-at-home wife of 14 years, and a mom to 2 soccer lovin' little boys, and a breast milk lovin' newborn baby girl. Her husband is 100% Chinese and so their children are infused with both cultures.

She had found the joy of blogging when she first accidentally discovered it in 2001 while raising her firstborn and still occupies her time writing in her personal blog I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl.

She is also a contributing writer for Chicago Moms Blog - It's Cooler By the Lake!

Dinna aka Pinay New Yorker - New York, NY USA

Pinay New Yorker is a forty-something mom who moved from Manila to NewYork in 2000 to get married and start a family. In 2004, she and herbetter half were blessed with their son, Angelo.

She was a former radio newscaster, technical writer, lawyer, corporatecommunications executive and marketing maven in a previous life, butnow counts motherhood as her passion, with her current work in a financial services company in the big apple taking a distant second. Starting an online journal in 2001 on her personal webpage, she hasbeen blogging at Pinaynewyorker.com since late 2004 and writes about her day-to-day life as a mother, wife, homesick US resident (who willalways consider the Philippines her home), as well as her love ofreading, scrapbooking and Paris. She maintains a second blog,"Motherhood, etc." at http://pinaymommy.blog.com/ and a third, "PinayFrancophile" at http://pinayfrancophile.blog.com/, a love affair withthe City of Lights that started with her first trip there in 2005.She is also an avid postcard collector of maps, lighthouses andanything Filipino or New York.

She is the webmaster/developer of their high school batch website (St.Paul College of Quezon City HS Batch '83) at http://spcqc83hs.com/, andis a regular writer for their eZINE.

Geraly - Chicago, IL USA

Geraly and Shaquille O'Neal were born on the same day, same year. He was born in New Jersey with a destiny to be in the NBA. She was born in Chicago with cystic hygroma and raised by a single Filipino parent with an extended, dysfunctional, and loving family. She is a former art student and alumnus of Columbia College Chicago, a refugee from San Francisco's multinational fashion design/garment manufacturing industry, wife to "the thin man", and stay at home mom to the "paloma" and the "porkchop" with two cats and an old, beautiful, southside chicago house. Lately, she is the embarrassed author to her poorly edited blog, Mamazilla, and her not so great, somewhat american, unfinished novel. Everyday she struggles to maintain the balance with girlzilla, wifezilla, mamazilla and all the 'zillas inbetween.

Geraly also writes for the Chicago Moms Blog.

Irene - Chicago, IL USA

Irene is the mother of 2 toddler boys who are 16 months apart and she works outside the home as a corporate jockey. Her husband, a patient and wonderful man, agreed to put his career on hold and be the stay at home parent. When she leaves this earth, she wants to be remembered for the beautiful boys she brought into this world, a wicked sense of humor, and a raucous and infectious laugh.

Her personal blog is Chicago Chick also writes for the Chicago Moms Blog.

Maria Bedia -Los Angeles, CA USA

A mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and a lot more... all at the same time, but sometimes not necessarily in that order; raising two teenagers in our home away from home. Came to the LA with a purpose, but stayed for a different reason.

A librarian by accident, loves to read, writes poetry, listen to music, and experiment on cooking. Started blogging as a means to keep family and friends updated with what's going on with life in this part of the world.

Her personal blog is Everything Under The Sun.

Michelle aka La dra - USA

La dra is a family doctor, wife to DaddyinaStrangelandand mom to toddlergirl The Pumpkin who has Filipino, Japanese and Jewish ancestry. She is new to blogging and hopes to find community and diversity by joining this exciting new group of Filipina Moms. She was born in the Philippines and came with her parents to California when she was a year old. She grew up separate from extended family-- hearing stories about them was almost like listening to fairytales. Recently, she became reacquainted with her Filipino family during brief trips to PI. She also grew up with few Filipino friends but discovered a community of diverse pinoys while in college. So, while she's always been pinay, she is only beginning to discover the richness of her heritage and the meaning of that label in America.

La dra blogs at Mommy In A Familiar Place.

Roseanne aka Mandytrue - Chicago, IL USA

An Italian-Danish Mom that lives in a 100% Filipino household. Her Filipino husband and his family has given her enough material to contribute in the FilipinaMoms Blog. She has been exposed to everything Filipino - from bagoong to family karaoke nights, and will spew out a couple "hay naku" whenever dealing with their active 10 year old.

Roseanne enjoys reading and writing and once even published a poem.

Sheila Bernus Dowd - Bay Area in CA, USA

Sheila is 100% pinay, born in canada andraised in LA and NY. I now live in the Bay Area. She is married to a great man 1/2 korean and 1/2 caucasian, so my children and quite themix. She love to write about them and exploring just the basic trailsand tribulations of raising them to know about their culture and torevel in others. Sheila has been writing at http://www.starfishcircle.com/ and http://www.starfishcircle.com/xiaolinmama/