29 May 2007

In Memoriam

My Godson Mark Ryan Caguioa was injured in Iraq a few weeks ago, and because of extensive injuries he passed away this past Thursday May 24th. I’m still numb and in disbelief since I found out on Sunday morning. His Mother; Lulay (my childhood bestfriend), called me on Sunday and I still have the same chill on my spine when she said that he has passed on. I wept in silence, but I wish I had more comforting words to say to her– but at that very moment I don’t have any. What comfort can I really offer to a grieving Mom who has just lost her firstborn?

Lulay and I were best buddies since we were in 6th grade and she had him when she was at a young tender age of 15. We were so young, but we shared many happy stories and hopeful dreams about Mark. I was so excited to be named a Godmother at that age! I actually had to hide the whole thing from my strict parents because I knew they would have me stop seeing my best friend and her baby. I remember hiding all the baby pictures in my dresser. My parents eventually found them, and I was right about what they would do.

I was not allowed to be friends with her anymore. It was terrible. But after my parents finally got to meet baby Mark, they fell in love with him as well. My family end up moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia and she stayed in Northern California. We called each other on the phone all the time. Wrote many letters and sent lots of pictures. I remember many phone calls when a toddler Mark would complain of us talking or giggling too loud on the phone and he couldn’t sleep. She got married and I stood up in her wedding, and she stood up on mine. We both visited each other with our spouses and now with our children.

This Friday my husband, kids, and I will be flying to San Francisco. Mark Ryan Caguioa will be laid to rest this Saturday at the SF National Cemetery Presidio. Mark you will be terribly missed!
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xiaolin momma said...

I'm sitting here at Starbucks and tearing up over your kind words. My prayers go out to you, your godson and your best friend's family.